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In Memoriam: David Elliott
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We remember the services of noted author David Elliott. A veteran of the Music Business, a Producer for NPR, a Radio Announcer, a record producer and non profit Director. He had tremendous knowledge of -  and insight into - the powerful effect Media has on Culture and Mankind.

His Entertainment and usic Reviews are evidence that the hand of creativity is still alive, bringing Beauty, Culture and Art to the world. Occasionally you will see the 'Pick 'O the Plume! signalling a special review or interview highlighting a favorite in Music, Video or DVD's, that David enjoyed.

We will be updating the site to adding more of his reviews and interviews in the days and months to come that he had been unable to upload due to illness. His family was always at his side, supporting his work. They will make sure he is not forgotten.


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Annie Elliott Reports:

Candelight Protest in India

"Up until that time the guitar was a wimp. It was just a very apologetic, sweet little instrument." - Les Paul, developer of the electric guitar.

Celebrate Children's Music with the wit and fun of one of the most talented Artists in Kids Music Today - Bari Koral

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"If anyone can become a poet through the events of his childhood, then I will become one". - Hans Christian Andersen, from a letter, 1823

Alison Kraus and Union Station benefited Compassion International's disaster relief Fund

ARLO Shows us


The Guthrie Family Rides Again

Four generations of what Vanity Fair rightly called “the first family of American folk” gather to revive the musical spirit of late patriarch Woody Guthrie. Led by Woody’s son Arlo, a star in his own right, “The Guthrie Family Rides Again” continues the clan’s tradition of sharing its music far and wide. Joining in are Arlo’s son Abe, who has accompanied his father on keyboards and vocals since the 1980s, and daughters Cathy and Annie. Also on board is a third daughter, Sarah Lee Guthrie, with her husband Johnny Irion—one of the most acclaimed folk-rock duos of the last decade—and various grandkids. The elder generation will be represented by Woody’s songs, both the classics and “new” compositions using lyrics uncovered in the Guthrie archives.  We celebrate their music, spirit and song as a reminder of our eternal youth when we get in touch with theirs!

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