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THE LIFE OF A STORYTELLER, by Jackie Wullschlager

If anyone can become a poet through the events of his childhood, then I will become one. - Hans Christian Andersen, from a letter, 1823

Who hasn't heard of The Emperor's New Clothes, The Ugly Duckling, or The Little Mermaid? Yet many people don't know about Hans Christian Andersen- the man who created these stories (and countless more). From the crucible of suffering, fantasy and self-doubt was shaped the personality of one whose sensitivity to others expressed itself by his writings. That, in turn became a contribution that has influenced generations. Jackie Wullschlager has written a fabulously interesting book, HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN, THE LIFE OF A STORYTELLER , published by Alfred A. Knopf. She has labored to bring the inner man to light with absolute authenticity. In it, she reveals how poetry was the spiritual lamp by which he expressed the torment and conflict in his life. The contrast of his early poverty and insecurity, with the success and recognition that he attained, caused him to never forget his humble beginnings. A fascinating and must read for anyone young at heart. Unforgettable.

By Lisa Elliott, 2012

Andersen in Copenhagen, at 31, by J.A. Jensen, 1836)

How do they do that? Computer Animation is more popular than ever. Till tomorrow, that is. THE COMPUTER ANIMATOR'S TECHNICAL HANDBOOK, by Lyn Pocock and Judson Rosebush gives the artist, designer, filmmaker, or engineer the tools to be able to understand the processes by which objects are created and moved though time and space in order to produce the realism that computer animation is capable of. If you think technical words are too high for your brow, think again. This book breaks down complicated concepts into byte-sized pieces and presents them in a visually stunning fashion. For anyone interested in animation to grasp the physics of time, space, light and motion, this book is invaluable.



from Morgan Kaufmann Publishers

More than a how-to on one particular software program, this is a why of how things work in the computer animation world, plus a history of how we got there from the beginning. A fabulous resource on this fascinating subject for professional and student alike, on the cutting edge of tomorrow, today.
From Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

By Lisa Elliott, © 2012

THE COMPUTER ANIMATOR'S TECHNICAL HANDBOOK unlocks the secret meanings to the technical jargon that would otherwise go right over your head. By Lyn Pocock and Judson Rosebush