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Proudly presents:

BIG BULLY from " The Best Foot Forward Series"

BIG BULLY is the first of a collection of albums from Recess Music, a music production complany founded on the idea that kids deserve the best influences to become their best. Though I was paraphrasing just now, their actual mission is even more impressive: "We entertain, and educate children and families about the adventure of being human through music that presents positive ideas for living a life full of possibilities".  I applaud the idealism of such a lofty goal. Their selection of music lives up to their aim, with a prodigious array of talent to raise the bar in kid's music. I found myself tapping along to the rhythym, touched by the sincerity of the heartfelt songs. I can genuinely say this album was one I could listen to over and over again - even though my kids are all grown now.  I mean - it never hurts to be prepared for the next grandchild, right?

Here's  a song list - Just take a look at the assortment of great artists!

1 Bully Bubba | The Uncle Brothers

2 Most Valuable Player | Nancy Tucker

3 Time In Time Out | The Hipwaders

4 Mean Ogre | Mary Kaye

5 Me Last Attitude | The Happy Crowd

6 Enemies | Milkshake

7 One And Only Me | Janet’s Planet

8 Vicious Vinnie | The Hill Brothers

9 I’m Sorry | Susan Salidor

10 I Can Make A Difference | J.P. Taylor & The Academics

11 No Put Downs | Lyle Cogen

12 Bad Day Today | Lou Del Bianco

13 Can You Imagine | Leslie Bixler

14 Don’t Bully Me | Glenn Colton

15 Wishing Well | Renee & Jeremy

Check out Recess Music here to see their other great offerings. I'm impressed.

Oh - By the way - Did I mention this one is good too?

UR Some 1 follows in the 'footsteps' of the first album, but paves a road to self discovery with great talent such as Peter Himmelman talking about FEET, Amy Lowe about Body Parts, Katherine Dines on your amazing Brain, and the Coles asking you to put your Happy Face On, as well as other great tunes to keep kids on the right track. I don't know how they do it. But they do. Come and Get them before YOUR kids grow up!