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"In their own words" by David Elliott, 2003

David : What do you think of the current culture, and what does the Stanislavsky Moscow Ballet contribute to it?

Dmitry: It is a fact that a lot of the younger population is turning away from classical music, and it is very unfortunate. It makes me feel sorry. What I want is for this to wake the interest of the younger people to classical dance. I am sure that interest can be aroused by two things. First, when the audience understands what is going on, on the stage, in that they see moments and problems that are interesting to them, and second, when the actors' mastery causes emotions in the audience, not just moments of entertainment. They have to empathize, to feel with the show. If you feel for what is going on, on the stage, then we have succeeded.

David: How did you get interested in the Ballet?

Dmitry: It was when I was young, around 6 years old, in [youth summer] camp for good students. I was a part of a drama department. I didn't understand a lot of it, but I had a lot of energy that had to go somewhere, and later on I came to understand dancing and music and the love of it.

David: What is different about your production of Swan Lake?

Dmitry: It's great. the story line is dramatic, and it is set up to be understandable and comprehendible to the viewer, without having to read the program. Everything is clearer.


The Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet performs Don Quixote


With a company of 165 performers, and a full symphony orchestra, The Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet, is one of the premiere Ballet troupes of Russia. They performed SWAN LAKE, by Tchaikovsky and DON QUIXOTE in only 7 performances to an enthusiastic audience June 4 -9, 2002 at the Kodak Theater at Hollywood and Highland.

I had the privilege of speaking to Dmitry Bryantsev, the Artistic Director of The Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet and here in his own words (through his translator) is a portion of our conversation.

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"If you feel for what is going on, on the stage, then we have succeeded."

Dmitry Bryantsev, Artistic Director for the Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet