Mike Blick: "Sailin Away"

Sailin' Away is a collection of songs by my 'brother' Mike, who never lived to see it published.  He gave them to me in 1990, saying to "keep or do whatever you want with them". I listened and was touched.

Cassettes had long since been replaced by CD's when he passed on, but I was able to digitize it - perhaps the only remnant of his abundant musical talent ever recorded.

Though he lost his physical battle at an all too early age, his spirit lives on in his music. At once moving and profound, then lighthearted and silly, Mike had a way with words and music that spoke to my heart.

His unselfish generosity would have wanted you to hear it too.

Click on the titles below to listen.

Poppa Sailin' Away

Something's Got to Change     (lyrics)

Sweet Love Burnin' Down

Grim Reaper

Sunshine Shine on Through

Sad & Blue

Ooh Oh I see the Sun Shinin'


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