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Something's Got to Change


By Mike Blick, recorded in 1990, transcribed by Ruth Elliott



Verse 1

Em                 D        C           Em                 D       C 

Something’s very wrong           You hear it every day


Em     D        C             Em                  D                 C 

God gave us Paradise       Now we’re throwing it away


F                E

It’s so sad, I don’t wanna believe it


F                       G

But I know it’s true


F              Em                   A

My God… what will we do?


Verse 2

Em      D        C           Em             D             C

Everything is money       But the value’s disguised


Em       D        C         Em                 D                C 

 How can you buy    the Moon, The Sun, or the Skies? 


F               G             F                 E

Someday, someone with all the money

F                  Em              A

Won’t have anything to buy.


Verse 2

Em         D           C           Em             D                 C

Something’s so wrong        The TV shouts it each day


Em         D                  C           Em                 D              C

We know we have to change     But no one knows the way


F          E                F   -   Em

No one knows the way



What do we do…

F                                G

My God what do we do?


F             Em            A

Do we know


Verse 3

Em               D                C 

Something needs to change


Em      D        C

Everything’s strange.


 Em               D                C 

Somehow we’ve got to change


F                                                E

Or they’ll  be nothing that remains


Am                 G            F                               Em

They’ll be no sky          They’ll be no ocean too

A                    Em  D        C

And they’ll be no me or you



Em               D


Em               D                C              Am             G


F                  E                 F                E               Em            D             C



Em               D                C

Something needs to change


Em               D                C

We all need to change


We all need to change


All Rights Reserved © By Ruth Elliott, 2005